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A Campus That Puts the ‘Fun’ in Functional

August 14, 2018   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

A Campus That Puts the ‘Fun’ in Functional

The campuses of Candor TechSpace across India reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is nothing less than ‘to add life to the day-to-day existence’ of its occupiers and their employees. Take for instance, Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, which, with its unique features, yields so much creativity and fun among the professionals working here that it could serve as a role model for other campuses.

It could be called one of the most exciting campuses in Gurugram. What we are talking about is the campus of Candor TechSpace in Sector 21, which is an extension of the company’s two-pronged mission to add life to the day-to-day existence of its occupiers and their employees and also to create best-in-class workplaces for them. Equipped with a unique set of infrastructural specifications and features, the campus offers a workplace experience that gives the employees working in its premises more reasons to smile and opportunities to have fun at work.

Professionals spend a huge proportion of their time at work, so it is important they enjoy being at work. After all, workspaces that are fun—and where employees want to be—enhance creativity and facilitate idea exchange, which is why Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, provides the people working here a workspace that is not only attractive and interesting but also conducive to productivity. And how does it achieve this?

Read on to know why the Candor TechSpace campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, is indeed a campus with a difference.


The interactive zone

Gurugram, the corporate hub of Delhi NCR region, remains a bright spot in the office space market in the country. Candor’s campus is located at IT/ITES SEZ in Sector 21 of this bustling, prosperous metropolis, and is in fact, currently the largest operational SEZ here. The proximity to the airport (situated just 9 km away) makes the campus very accessible, and adds to it being a preferred business centre. Dwarka is close enough, and public transport facilities are within reach too, since the campus is located at a distance of 7 km from Gurugram bus stand and 2.5 km from Rapid Metro Station. Moreover, there is an air-conditioned bus service that connects the campus to other parts of the NCR region. And all this translates to a big no to any commuting woes!


The campus is housed within a 27.68-acre, pedestrian-friendly space that features contemporary glass office buildings with a typical floor size of approximately 24,000-50,000 sq. ft, two unique amenity blocks, a landscaped sunken court and an upcoming terraced garden. Working in offices spread across the total 123 floors of the buildings are approximately 35,000 professionals from the IT and ITES sectors. These are people employed by the 10 major occupiers of this campus: Accenture, Amdocs, Bank of America, British Telecom, Clairvolex, EUI Limited, EY, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Sapient and Saxo Group.


The landscape sunken court with sit-outs

Productivity and rejuvenation go hand in hand at the campus; it comes with thoughtful amenities to help the occupiers and their employees maintain a great work-life balance on a daily basis. For instance, with its well-equipped gym, the campus has made a passionate case for exercise becoming part of the workday. Employees who go to the gym return from workouts refreshed and better focused on their jobs. Time lost on exercise is made back and more in terms of improved productivity. The campus also offers games like badminton, volleyball and table tennis for employees. All this definitely adds a lot of definition to the youthful and vibrant work culture within the campus.


The food court

Candor TechSpace believes that for its occupiers and their employees to stay motivated and refreshed, they should be encouraged to take regular breaks from work. Of course, they should be taking their breaks away from their desks, which is why the campus includes several breakout zones where the staff can chill and recharge from time to time. In the middle of the buildings here is a landscaped sunken court with sit-outs. You can always grab a coffee or food from the nearest cafe and sit here. Or you can just soak in the sun on colder days. Even a few minutes in these breakout zones is enough to put a smile on employees’ faces. Not only does it make them happy but they often end up having a brainstorm session on projects, giving themselves a fresh new perspective to take back to their desks.

Professionals end up spending more time with their work friends and work family than they do with their own families. The campus hosts a variety of events like ‘Do Not Honk’ drive,  Candor Literary Corner, and celebrations of Christmas, Diwali, Holi and Independence Day to promote goodwill between employees, and to give them an opportunity to interact socially and see each other in a different light. And since the events are carefully planned, they do a great deal to boost employee morale.


Every Candor TechSpace campus is known for its security measures that provide a high level of safety for the offices housed within the premises. The Sector 21 campus, too, offers pretty tight security with CCTV coverage, and the interiors are access controlled. But, at the same time, once an employee has the key, most of the areas are open to him or her. There are no overbearing security guards and one can feel at ease and welcomed within the premises. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is used for vehicles entering the premises. The campus also features adequate fire and life safety arrangements further supported by an in-site medical centre.


You spend a major part of your day at work, but do you actually stop to consider how healthy the air you breathe is? Or how much energy it takes to run an air-conditioner full-blast while you cool down at work after an exhaustive meeting? You do not need to, if you are working in Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram. This is because Candor TechSpace has made every effort to make this campus energy efficient.

The office buildings here offer better heat insulation thanks to the use of a double glass unit, which is a combination of glass panes spaced apart and then hermetically sealed to form a single unit with air spaces in between. These units have low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-value (which measures the rate of heat transfer), thus significantly reducing heating and air-conditioning costs. Additionally, they also allow optimum visible light transmittance (VLT)—the percentage of visible light that passes through a window.

Candor has also radically changed the way the campus is lit, with approximately 4,829 36-watt FTL lights being replaced. Modern 18-watt LED lights now offer exceptional light levels while using less energy, so that they do not just help employees see, they keep the bills to a minimum too.

The campus is also equipped with seven solar photovoltaic (SPV) plants with a power generation capacity of approximately 334 kWp. The total power generated by them for 2017 was 4,18,853 kWh. Additionally, there is an upcoming grid power substation with an electrical voltage level of 66 kVA.

The campus follows Candor’s ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ philosophy when it comes to water, which is why it has gotten installed a sewage treatment plant, an organic waste converter, and systems for dual plumbing, water automation and drip irrigation, among other things.


Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, also offers other facilities that make the lives of the occupants and their employees so much easier. The ATMs within the campus save them time, and so does the convenience shopping centre, which houses outlets of Airtel, Archies, Clove Dental, JMart and, within the premises. Candor TechSpace also wants to make it easy for working parents to balance their job and their families, which is why it has set up an on-site crèche, Our Montessori House, for employees. Not only do parents benefit from reduced travel time before and after work but quick and easy access to their children, if needed, throughout the day results in more peace of mind.

There is an abundance of conveniently located parking space available within the campus, ensuring that employees never have to park their vehicle far from their workplace. The three levels of the basement as well as the multi-level car park with its four basement levels and four podium levels offer parking for approximately 6,000 vehicles.

For employees who do not own their personal conveyance and cannot afford to travel via taxis and autorickshaws on a daily basis, Candor has also tied up with Shuttl, a bus-aggregating platform. This safe and comfortable shuttle service has made the daily commute to and from the campus more convenient for the staff.

Pictorial depiction of the proposed upgradation of the campus

Candor has also partnered with Smartbox which makes receiving online deliveries as convenient as shopping online with the help of automated delivery. The automated parcel delivery terminals set up by Smartbox within the campus have been providing an alternative for delivery boys to simply drop the parcel for the users to pick it up in their own sweet time. 


Food has the incredible power to unite, divide, stir opinion and bring joy. With celebrity chefs and home cooks pervading our cookbooks and screens, it is no wonder our eating habits and tastes are far more sophisticated than they have ever been. Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram has also risen to the dining challenge – the result is a delicious offering across the food court and cafeteria, to not only provide a food service, but also to ensure high motivation levels and engagement. From Indian cuisines to international flavours, employees get to feast on a variety of food and beverages at the outlets of brands like Best in Burgers, Café Coffee Day, Chaayos, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Keventers, McDonald’s, Nukkadwala, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway and Wow! Momo during their workday.


Candor TechSpace also intends to give its campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, a major makeover. The modernisation project will focus on sustainability and improving employee access to outdoor spaces – a point that Candor also emphasises at its other campuses. Important upgrades include a covered walkway, areas where trees stand proud, seating arrangements in a tree-laden court and on a deck, an informal reading area and an alfresco setting. The food court within the campus is also up for upgradation. Additionally, there are plans to set up separate zones for sports, banquets and play, to build Tower 11, and to make the campus accessible to all people (especially those with disabilities). The upgraded campus will demonstrate Candor’s commitment to empower employees and natural resources.

At the Candor TechSpace campus in Sector 21, Gurugram, a lot of thought has gone into the design and how to make it a fun and comfortable space for employees. While it is easy to feel at home in the bright and cheery interiors of the office buildings here, the campus has left no stone unturned to make the professionals working here feel comfortable and happy during office hours. So, if you want to ‘add life to your days’  while at work, this vibrant campus is the place to be!

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