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A World-class Work Destination, With Fascinating Architecture

September 21, 2021   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

A World-class Work Destination, With Fascinating Architecture Tower 11 is located at the end of the axis of the Candor TechSpace, Sector 135 campus. The black reflective waterbody forms the foreground, adding monumentality and regality to the tower

Transformed from a blueprint to reality, Candor TechSpace in Sector 135, Noida will soon have a new addition, Tower 11, to its expansive campus, creating a work destination that blurs the line between a workspace and a place of well-being.

Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida is one of the largest office parks in the IT/ITES hub of the city that draws its inspiration from the ancient planning techniques of the iconic ‘Taj Mahal’ and ‘India Gate’. Nearing its completion, Candor TechSpace has added ‘Tower 11’ to create a work destination abiding by international standards while celebrating, utilizing and contemporizing historical and architectural design knowledge. “We wanted to imbibe the quality of placemaking that historical public buildings offer therefore, the campus planning draws inspiration and learning from ancient planning techniques of the iconic Taj Mahal”, shares Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Brookfield Properties.

Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida: An integrated campus ecosystem offering commercial real estate solution that reimagines workspaces
The entrance lobby, inspired by the Taj Mahal, is an expansive, marble-clad, three-storied space connected to the outside with a curtain wall

Inspired by the Taj Mahal’s ethos, the design of the entrance lobby is a three-storied volume, placed with white marble walls that offer monumentality and grandeur to every visitor. The well-designed and optimized, expansive floor plates with minimized space wastage create seamless, functional and efficient spaces. The facade of the new addition is a contemporary adaptation of the triumphant arch of the India Gate that embraces and recreates the opulent yet welcoming aesthetic as the rays of the sun reflect off it. The black glass reflective waterbody located in the foreground surrounded by lush greens modernizes the ancient planning and cooling techniques while employing placemaking tools to generate a stimulating environment.

Candor TechSpace at Sector 135, Noida is spread across 30 acres of land, offering 4.5 M sf of leasable area with 12 operational buildings and well-designed large sit-out areas.


The ecology focuses on pedestrian mobility; the air and the sounds create a built environment that can inspire the end-user and open the mind to a depth of experiences. The focus on linearity in shared spaces creates a sense of cohesive continuity with segregated vehicular and pedestrian circulation to define public areas. In addition, the campus is equipped with amenities, ranging from curated retail, F&B and fitness, to banking and crèche facilities, all of which are distributed within the 30,000 sf amenities block. The design focus for the public areas is not to landscape or hardscape, but people-scape to curate experiences that stimulate and excite the end-user. “Under the shadows of the frangipani trees and transported by the fragrance of tropical flowers, we are hoping to create a new place, a new destination for each end-user to write his or her own story”, shares Ricardo Bofill, Principal Chief Architect, Tower 11, Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida.

The entrance lobby marks the beginning of an opulent three-storied lobby area on one side and the stunning reflective black mirror waterbody on the other
The Tower 11 executive entrance facade: An amalgamation of brass and black mirror details to exuberate regality and monumentality


“Orientation through Tower 11 is straightforward with no dark corners, notches or wasted corridors. The office space is well lit naturally, with great views. The ground floor is a mix of marble lobbies in elegant white shades and overlooks a black mirror reflective water feature, with a lush garden all around. This provides a placemaking experience rarely seen before in an office building”, shares Ricardo Bofill.

Certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), the platinum-rated campus is designed to facilitate distributed green landscapes, waste management systems, energy efficiency, reduced use of fossil fuels and health and well-being of its occupants. The campus also incorporates air purifiers, mainly electrostatic filters with EC fans for purified air quality, which provide ideal AQI levels to all inhabitants.

The campus offers an unparalleled connectivity advantage as it is directly connected to the metro station and also flaunts direct access to the 12 lanes signal free expressway. Subsequently, the campus is well connected to the Noida CBD, Ghaziabad as well as East Delhi. To foster a holistic living experience, the campus is located within an integrated township with proximity to residential and social infrastructure.

Tower 11 at Candor TechSpace in Sector 135, Noida is a workspace solution that keeps our employees and tenants at the highest priority through design. It is an integrated workspace destination that amalgamates innovation with historical design knowledge to create a building that is a notch above its contemporaries.

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