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An Award for CSR Initiatives

October 18, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

An Award for CSR Initiatives Candor TechSpace was the winner in the ‘Elderly & Differently Abled Health Initiative’ category

Candor TechSpace was recently nominated at the third annual edition of the prestigious CSR Health Impact Awards for impacting lives and contributing to the society. It has won an award in the ‘Elderly & Differently Abled Health Initiative’ category.

CSR Health Impact AwardsAt Candor TechSpace, we have been implementing several CSR initiatives that have driven real change on the ground and positively impacted lives. Two of these are Project Gurukul and A Bridge to Tomorrow.

Project Gurukul has been supporting abandoned senior citizens, mentally disabled individuals and handicapped, underprivileged and homeless people suffering from incurable diseases. The initiative has benefited around 500 senior citizens and mentally disabled people. Under A Bridge to Tomorrow, the Latika Roy Foundation’s Centre for Vocational Training equips young adults with developmental disabilities (DD) with skills for life and employment. It also provides older disabled adults with social and recreational opportunities. The project has benefited 50 young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities from Dehradun.

Little wonder then that Candor TechSpace emerged as a winner in the ‘Elderly & Differently Abled Health Initiative’ category at the recently-held third edition of the CSR Health Impact Awards. Hosted on 27th June 2019 at Hyatt Regency Delhi, the Awards recognised organisations for their CSR efforts towards the nation’s health and well-being in the last financial year.

Commenting on the win, Sanjay Yadav, CSR Head, says, “At Candor TechSpace, we firmly believe that everyone has the ability to overcome their physical, social and economic constraints to excel in any field. This is why we are constantly involved in various CSR initiatives across health care, education, environmental protection, support for disabled people, infrastructure, etc. Through these programmes, we aim to not only uplift and add value to lives, but also promote a lasting, sustainable culture of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility for all. We are delighted to be recognised and felicitated at a reputed platform like the CSR Health Impact Awards. The award is a testament to the good work that we have been doing in the CSR space and motivates us to raise the bar even higher.”

Like-minded people onstage at the event - Candor TechSpace
Like-minded people onstage at the event


Project Gurukul has been supported by Candor TechSpace in association with The Earth Saviours Foundation. The Gurukul focuses on providing primary health care and foster care for aged and disabled people. It provides regular check-ups and support to all beneficiaries free of cost. Weekly doctor visits and health camps are also arranged by the Gurukul.

The Gurukul has facilitated the establishment of a shelter at Bandhwari village in Gurugram, Haryana that accommodates about 150 abandoned senior citizens and 350 disabled individuals. The shelter is equipped with in-house doctors and nurses from The Earth Saviours Foundation. Caregivers at the shelter ensure hygiene maintenance and track improvement in health and immunity level and support disabled beneficiaries in conducting their day-to-day activities. Escalations are managed by the medical staff at the shelter. There is also rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework in place.

The Gurukul follows a holistic approach when it comes to health care and well-being of marginalised beneficiaries, with the provision of nutritious meals three times a day. Another major component of the Gurukul’s efforts is the rehabilitation of beneficiaries. Measures are taken to reunite residents who have gotten separated from their families and found themselves at the shelter. Regular counselling sessions are also organised for these residents. Candor is also supporting the construction of a medical facility within the shelter.


Conducted by Candor TechSpace in association with the Latika Roy Foundation’s Centre for Vocational Training, A Bridge to Tomorrow aims to help young adults acquire life management skills (like handling money, managing public transport, dealing with stress, developing good relationships and leisure pursuits, protecting themselves physically and sexually and understanding appropriate behaviour) and specific job skills (like office skills, housekeeping, cooking, shop-related, crafts, candle making, etc). An individual plan is designed for each young adult with SMART goals which are developed in consultation with the individual and his or her family and reviewed on a regular basis.

This initiative has two streams: vocational and recreational. In the Recreational stream, the Centre designs a structured programme of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, personal self-help skills, art, music and the development of leisure activities for each individual—depending upon the individual’s interest, ability and home environment. In the Vocational stream, the Centre provides a structured and comprehensive skill-development programme for young adults with potential for employment.

Good CSR work - CSR Health Impact AwardsAt Candor TechSpace, we are proud to say that Project Gurukul is not only fulfilling the basic requirements of marginalised groups but is also providing them with quality healthcare access, relief and rehabilitation. The intervention with the Latika Roy Foundation is also one of a kind due to its continuity from infancy to adulthood and its efforts to educate parents and other caregivers of differently abled children. It has created an ecosystem for disabled youth to achieve independence.
We hope to continue such good CSR work for years to come!

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