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Gear up for an Improved F&B Experience

March 04, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Gear up for an Improved F&B Experience Pictorial depiction of F&B outlets at the food court

Candor TechSpace is upgrading the existing food court and has proposed to build a banquet-cum-conference block at its Sector 21, Gurugram campus.

Pictorial depiction of the food court’s seating area - Candor TechSpace
Pictorial depiction of the food court’s seating area
The lobby with its welcoming ambience - Candor TechSpace
The lobby with its welcoming ambience

As part of its efforts to constantly transform the campus experience for the better, Candor TechSpace is revamping the existing food court and has proposed to build a banquet-cum-conference block at its campus in Sector 21, Gurugram.

The proposed banquet hall - Candor TechSpace
The proposed banquet hall


The interactive food court is divided into sections with the help of kiosks at the central core. There is a provision for a buffet counter and a Teppanyaki (a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food) restaurant with an open kitchen.

Designed to resemble a warehouse, the food court avoids a false ceiling and instead features bare brick walls. The fl ooring is designed in a continuous style for a monolithic look. The different sections at the food court features various styles of seating, including ergonomic chairs and comfy sofas. Diners looking to grab a quick bite here may do so while sitting on sturdy stools in the kiosks.

Apart from the design, the facilities at the interactive food court are also different from those at the existing food court. For instance, diners can place their orders for food and beverage using a card-based system. Additionally, provision is made for people wanting to eat their home-cooked food at the food court. A centralised washing system will also be made available.



There are also plans to build a banquet-cum conference block for the benefi t of employees working in the campus. For this, Candor TechSpace proposes to design a building between the two Amenity Blocks on the fi rst fl oor. A space would be designated on the ground fl oor as a go-to area between the two blocks. To manage the infl ow of people to this area, the ground fl oor would also feature a kiosk and a cafe with seating.

There will be a designated lobby with elevators (accommodating 20 people) for visitors to the banquet-cum- conference block. Additionally, there will be a lobby with a service elevator to cater to the kitchen on top of the structure.

The double-height, high-tech conference facility on the fi rst fl oor would accommodate 120 + 120 pax in a sit-down style. There will be a sliding partition that can be folded to convert the space into a space for 250 pax. In case of a seminar, the conference would accommodate around 325 pax. Both the side terraces of the conference facility would be designed in the form of a terrace garden to increase the usage area. The facility would also accommodate a number of commercial spaces.

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