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Here’s Our Automatic Vehicle Sanitising Apparatus

December 21, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Here’s Our Automatic Vehicle Sanitising Apparatus Baljit Singh with his son Adarsh Raghav

Designed and innovated by Baljit Singh, VP – Operations, Brookfield Properties, and his son Adarsh Raghav, our automatic vehicle sanitising apparatus enables quick and easy disinfection of seats in passenger vehicles and of elevators, interior walls, among others.

Baljit Singh, VP - Operations, Brookfield Properties

In the new normal, Brookfield Properties has taken all precautionary measures to keep its campuses clean, safe and sanitised. However, with the lockdown being lifted and people stepping out of their homes to go to work, the various modes of mobility they are opting for have to be sanitised regularly too. For owners, disinfecting the seats, surfaces, touchpoints and the overall interiors of their vehicles is tedious and timeconsuming. There is also a high risk of infection in case they are disinfecting the surfaces manually.

Baljit Singh, VP – Operations, Brookfield Properties, and his son Adarsh Raghav have jointly developed and patented an automatic vehicle sanitising apparatus that can disinfect the interiors of cars, taxis, ambulances, vans, buses, flights and trains. The apparatus can even be utilised to sanitise elevators, interior walls, etc.


The apparatus sanitises the interior surfaces of passenger vehicles including seats and most of the other touchpoints using an automated spray of disinfectant. It comprises majorly of a high-pressure positive displacement pump, microcontroller and small nozzlesprayer sets. The high-pressure positive displacement pump is provided to pump the disinfectant through pipes to the sprayers. The set of fine sprayers is helpful to break the liquid disinfectant into fine particles and spread it on the surrounding surfaces and areas as directed. The microcontroller controls the operations of the apparatus. The apparatus further employs the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to ensure the safety of passengers. Adarsh Raghav has completed his Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science) and the implementation of IoT, microprocessor, controls and logic was his idea.

Automatic Vehicle Sanitising Apparatus

Our automatic vehicle sanitising apparatus sanitises the interior surfaces of vehicles including seats and most of the other touchpoints using a spray of disinfectant.

Here’s what makes this automatic vehicle sanitising apparatus so unique:

  • If the disinfectant liquid used in the apparatus is unsafe or unapproved, the apparatus does not function.
  • It operates only when the vehicle or elevator is stationary or at rest.
  • It operates only for a limited set duration.
  • It does not work if the sprayer pressure is high/low plus-minus 10% or as recommended.
  • It can be linked to the infrared (IR) temperature recorder. If the temperature of a passenger sitting on any seat in the vehicle records higher than the recommended temperature, the apparatus will not function and a notification will be sent to the driver or operator’s help desk for necessary directions.
  • It can be linked to large operators’ network for tracking and monitoring whether the set standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed by drivers or not.
  • It notifies the user if the liquid disinfectant level of the apparatus is critically low.
  • It can be powered by a vehicle battery or self-powered with chargeable batteries as the case may be.

The automatic vehicle sanitising apparatus is already serving as an effective method of disinfection. Hearty congratulations to Baljit Singh and Adarsh Raghav for innovating this!

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