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Our Most Contemporary Campus Yet, At Sector 62, Noida

September 24, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Our Most Contemporary Campus Yet, At Sector 62, Noida Hero shot of the campus

With its state-of-the-art infrastructural features and amenities, Candor TechSpace’s campus at Sector 62, Noida has already become a leading name when it comes to corporate campuses in the area. We take a look at how this campus is making the professionals working in its premises more productive and happier at work.

Working professionals today are increasingly preferring workspaces that make them excited about going to on a personal level, rather than a place that they feel they have to go in order to earn a livelihood. Keeping this in mind, more and more organisations like Candor TechSpace are curating a workspace experience that delivers what employees want from the workplace of today. As a result we are seeing an increase in the number of amenities at workspace that help employees get their job done, balance their work and personal lives and feel good at the same time. Take for instance Candor TechSpace’s large, sprawling campus at Sector 62 in Noida.

Learn how this campus, with its top-of-the-line services and amenities, is making employees more productive, happier and excited about the time they spend in the workplace.

A plush lobby within the Candor TechSpace campus
A plush lobby within the campus

A well-connected location

Noida provides a well-developed residential ecosystem with housing options, ranging from luxury apartments to affordable flats, at a quick 10-minute drive from the campus. This has ensured the availability of a large talent pool for companies who have leased space in the campus premises, thus making the campus a favourable choice for tenants from a recruitment perspective.

Being located in a planned institutional area like Sector 62, Noida has also brought for the campus (and the employees working in its premises) a host of features such as wide approach roads with dedicated service lanes, lushgreen and shaded avenues of neem trees with low-density plots and round-the-clock 33 kV HT power supply with low downtime. The Fortis Hospital is located five minutes away from the campus.

The campus can be easily accessed through various transport facilities. It is located at a distance of 2.6 km (a five-minute drive) from Sector 62 Noida Metro Station and is 31 km (1-hour drive) away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The closest approach highway is the upcoming eight-lane National Highway 24 (NH-24) i.e. the Delhi- Meerut Expressway. The expressway will cut down the travel time from Delhi’s Central Business District (CBD) to less than 30 minutes. In addition, there is an air-conditioned bus service provided by Shuttl, a leading bus aggregator. These buses ply on major routes connecting Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and New Delhi, thus making the commute easy and stress-free for professionals working in the campus.

Retail outlets within the Candor TechSpace campus
Retail outlets within the campus

Contemporary architecture

The campus is housed on a 19.25-acre plot bound by wide approach roads on its eastern and western periphery. Visitors entering the campus are greeted with the sight of gleaming towers that display the logo of occupiers and are lit up at night. The contoured glass exteriors of the towers not only reflect modernity but also ensure functionality. They offer bright vistas of the outside world to occupiers and their employees. The campus has five operational towers having 9-11 floors each, with a typical floor plate size of 28,000 sq. ft.

Serving as a landmark for Noida, the campus evokes a sense of awe thanks to the unique amenities that it offers to occupiers and their employees. For instance, the campus houses two tastefully designed amenity blocks with a total area of 30,000 sq. ft, featuring various F&B and retail outlets. Working in the campus are more than 15,000 professionals from the IT/ITES sector. These are people employed by the occupiers of this campus having a global presence, such as Acidaes Solutions, Allianz, Amazon, Artech, Barclays, DISYS, Innovaccer, ION Trading, Landis+Gyr, Pine Labs, Vinculum Solutions and 3Pillar Global.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the campus Candor TechSpace
Electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the campus
Candor TechSpace Sector 62 Noida Tower 6 lobby
Tower 6 lobby

Sufficient provision for parking

The campus provides ample parking space to occupants and visitors. Moreover, there is additional visitor parking for the convenience of occupier delegations and guests. All this translates to a big no to any parking woes! In addition, we encourage occupants to opt for ride-sharing cabs through regular coordination with Quick Ride (a carpooling and ride-sharing service provider) in the campus. The ride-sharing cabs ensure seamless transit connectivity to and from the campus.

An opportunity to work amidst nature

One of the key attractions in the campus are the central landscaped greens that enable employees to take a break from their day-to-day work life and serve as perfect venues for team-building activities. The garden has colourful flowers punctuated by water bodies that together make for a soothing ambience for the senses. The lush green plantations dotting the campus have been designed and maintained to showcase the seasonality and moods of nature throughout the year. The plantations are a sight to behold from January to March every year when they are in full bloom with flowers of all hues. The Candor TechSpace team also routinely teams up with occupiers for plantation drives around the campus. The idea is to make occupiers an equal part of Candor’s ongoing green campus journey.

Good indoor air quality and uninterrupted power supply

Working professionals today spend a majority of their time at work. Exposure to bad indoor air quality in their workplaces can leave them exposed to various respiratory illnesses. This eventually leads to significant costs as a result of the health-care expenses and also contributes to reduced productivity levels amongst employees. Keeping this in mind, there is an ongoing installation of CO2 sensors in all AHU rooms with the objective of enhancing the indoor air quality of the campus. The sensors will be interlinked to fresh-air dampers and provide continuous live recording of CO2 in order to prevent occupant discomfort and enhance breathability. The campus provides N+1 redundancy (a form of resilience that ensures system availability in case of component failure) for all essential services such as air conditioning and electrical power backup.

The food court in the campus Candor TechSpace
The food court in the campus

Delicious F&B options

To cater to the food and beverage requirements of campus employees, Candor TechSpace has a fully serviced food court within the premises. It has tied up with brands that have a wide experience of running top-rated restaurants and cafés. Moreover, the menus of the F&B outlets have been curated as per the popular demands of the occupants, with reasonable prices and good quality that are unheard of in any other office campus of such expanse. Candor has also partnered with global brands such as Café Coffee Day, Subway and Dominos much to the delight of employees. The campus houses mini-kiosks serving a wide variety of tea, coffee and snacks and featuring ample space for employees to sit together and ideate. The food and beverage options in the campus are immensely popular with occupiers, if one were to take into account how occupied the outlets are during lunch time.

The crèche at the campus Candor TechSpace
The crèche at the campus

Facilities that promise convenience

Candor believes in supporting working parents by providing a safe and healthy environment to their children while they are at work. To this end, it has set up a day-care facility for children in the campus. There are several other facilities that promise convenience to working professionals in the campus. One of these facilities is a 24/7 retail outlet that employees can visit for their round-the-clock home requirements, thereby doing away with the need to visit any convenience store outside the campus. There are also ATMs for easy cash withdrawals.

Sustainable initiatives for energy and water efficiency

At Candor TechSpace, we believe that saving energy and water in the office reduces the bills and contributes to the environment by saving precious resources. For instance, we strive to improve our campuses’ energy efficiency through periodic energy audits and benchmarking. At our campus in Sector 62, Noida too, there is a periodic deep maintenance programme which is performed in the off season (usually from December to January) jointly with the coordination and support of occupiers. This results in efficient, break-free operations in peak summer when there is the maximum scope of saving energy.

Candor TechSpace Campus view
Campus view

There are several energy and water efficiency measures being undertaken at the campus. For instance, the campus has variable-frequency drive (VFD) in all chillers and allied motors to reduce energy consumption. All towers have double glazing to ensure lower ingress of heat and noise. Building management systems have been installed for continuous monitoring of all utilities. Energy-efficient LEDs have been used in all lobbies, basement parking and external driveways. The campus is a zero discharge campus wherein all waste water generated in the premises is processed through Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and subsequently used on site. A rooftop solar installation with a capacity of 136 kWp has been planned for the campus in the coming six months.

The campus was awarded an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Gold Rating. The buildings within the campus have been nominated for a BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Energy Star Rating certification. We, at Candor, are confident of achieving this certification considering our strict monitoring of energy consumption and wastage.

A view of the campus Candor TechSpace
A view of the campus
The campus entrance Candor TechSpace
The campus entrance

New upgrades in design

Our campus at Sector 62, Noida has won numerous accolades including being rated as the ‘Best Managed Site in NCR’ by Realty Plus magazine. The towers within the campus have been designed as per IGBC Gold-Core and Shell standards. And we are sure that immense recognition will continue to come our way, considering that we have a dedicated plan in place for upgrades at the campus to ensure universal accessability and improve indoor air quality and sustainability. All of these upgrades are an extension of our focus on new design thinking and innovation.

As part of this plan, we hope to create greener breakout areas and recreation spaces in the campus so as to give occupants more ways to utilise their break time at work. Apart from new, upcoming office towers, there is a new ultra-modern amenity block that is being planned. Once ready, the amenity block will offer more amenities to occupiers, such as tasty dine-in options and exciting recreational facilities that together create a more vibrant atmosphere on site. This is what we call keeping ahead of the times!

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