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Recognition For Clean Air Spaces

June 10, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Recognition For Clean Air Spaces Candor TechSpace receiving an award in the ‘Good Air Spaces – Real Estate’ category from Justice Swatanter Kumar, Former Chairperson, National Green Tribunal, at the Good Air Summit

At the Good Air Summit organised by the Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council, Candor TechSpace received an award in the ‘Good Air Spaces – Real Estate’ category for improving the air quality in its campuses.

In November 2019, the inaugural edition of the Good air Summit was hosted by the Integrated Health & Wellbeing (IHW) council at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. A first-of-its-kind people-led initiative, the summit was the culmination of a continuous campaign to sensitise schools and corporate organisations based in the Delhi-NCR region about the deteriorating air quality in India, especially in the cities, and the need to make the country breathable and liveable again. The Good air Summit also honoured those who have taken positive steps to improve air quality. One such winner was Candor TechSpace, which received an award in the ‘Good Air Spaces – Real Estate’ category for its active contribution towards achieving clean air.

Award for Good Air Spaces – Real Estate
Award for Good Air Spaces – Real Estate

Considering the harmful impact of air pollution, Candor has always undertaken initiatives to drive environmental impact and workspace efficiency in its campuses. Let’s take a look:

Air Quality Management System: Candor has deployed highly efficient electronic air-purifying systems at all its campuses in association with Honeywell. To make the initiative sustainable, it has also initiated continuous online monitoring of supply / return air and filtering with controls to regulate the quality of air.

BEE Star Rating: Candor has received BEE 5-star rating which stands for 53 per cent more energy efficiency than a BEE 1-star rated building as well as lesser carbon footprint as compared to a normal building.

IGBC Platinum Rating: Candor has worked on acquiring IGBC certification (Platinum Rating) under Existing Buildings O&M category for all operational towers through efforts like rainwater harvesting, installation of LED lights, rooftop solar plant for energy conservation, reduced water consumption and greener landscape.

Mass Transit System: Shared mobility solution providers such as Shuttl and Quick Ride offer reliable and safe transportation services to employees working in our campuses. These tie-ups have reduced the congestion on the road, thereby decreasing air pollution as lesser the number of vehicles on the road, lesser the exhaust fumes pollute the air.

Integrated Building Monitoring System: Candor has adopted an Integrated Building Monitoring System to consolidate the occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management processes within a single management system. This has provided a responsive framework to reduce exposures to hazards and risks by using effective risk management processes.

Electric Vehicles Charging Stations: Electric vehicle charging stations have been established across the campuses. As the transportation sector is a major contributor of air pollution, shifting the masses to a cleaner energy mode of transportation such as electric vehicles will result in lesser conventional energy dependencies.

Solar Power: To conserve energy and increase responsible energy consumption, Candor has installed solar panels in all of its campuses. This initiative will help cO2 abatement and create a healthy workspace environment.

Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS): Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are installed across Candor’s workspaces to maintain optimum ventilation levels. The DOAS has an exhaust fan with an energy recovery wheel that helps to recover energy from the foul exhaust air. Its three-stage filters and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamp in the cooling coil prevent the growth of bacteria over the coil.

Here’s to paving the way for a New India that breathes in clean air!

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