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Shared Mobility In Your Campus

February 10, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Shared Mobility In Your Campus

Candor TechSpace offers shared mobility solutions to the employees working at its campuses, thereby helping them enjoy a variety of benefits, from cleaner air (due to reduced air pollution) to easier, more comfortable journeys to and from office.

Over the last few decades, India’s cities have been witnessing increasing ownership of motorised vehicles and decreasing use of public and non-motorised transport. These factors have led to an increase in congestion on the roads, air pollution and carbon emissions. As per news reports, transportation accounts for around 11 per cent of India’s carbon emissions and is a major source of pollution in several cities across the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills 7 million people annually and India alone accounts for more than a million deaths of people who have breathed polluted air. Moreover, a Skymet report on air quality index (AQI) states that three of the top 10 highest polluted cities are in India—Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

This is where shared mobility solutions can help, since they can build a better, environment-friendly tomorrow. Shared mobility refers to the shared use of a vehicle, bicycle or other mode of transport for daily work commute. There are several advantages of opting for such services. For instance, as each vehicle is utilised by multiple users, lesser is the need of adding new vehicles on the road. The lesser the number of vehicles plying on the road, lower are the emissions. Thus, apart from helping alleviate massive road congestion, shared mobility solutions can also help improve air quality. Moreover, from the ease of using a ride-sharing or carpooling app like Quick Ride, etc, and just getting into one’s booked vehicle to avoiding the costs of vehicle ownership and the hassle of finding a parking space in crowded cities, shared mobility solutions can give users a convenient, smooth and easier journey to and from their destination every day.

Keeping in mind all these benefits, Candor has tied up with different mobility solution providers. Employees working in Candor’s campuses across India can now avail of different ride-sharing and car-sharing options and shuttle bus services. Here’s an overview of the various shared mobility solution providers in our campuses:


  • High-quality, air-conditioned buses
  • Routes covering all parts of NCR
  • Approximately 15 routes with a frequency of 15 minutes in peak hours
  • Available on subscription basis
  • Reschedule/cancel your ride before your Shuttl reaches your pick-up point


  • Connects commuters on same routes
  • Real-time options for ride-sharing and carpooling
  • Enterprise security features
  • Helps to share ride costs in a cashless mode
  • Live ride view and tracking for safety and convenience


  • India’s first zero-emission transport service
  • Fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) with charging points in the campus
  • Real-time monitoring with an in-site vehicle NOC
  • Facility of high-speed charging infrastructure available within the campus
  • Dedicated and connected fleet provides better control

UBER ZONE – CAR SERVICE (In the pilot testing phase and is a proposed facility)

  • Fast, reliable rides in minutes, day or night
  • Dedicated pick-up area for cabs within the campus confines
  • Use the Share Your Trip function to share your trip with friends and family
  • Add extra stops along your route
  • Use the Split Fare feature to split the bill with friends

At Candor TechSpace, we encourage all organisations and their employees working in our campus premises to consider using these shared means of transportation. Opting for these shared mobility options in our campuses will help you save on fuel and money, reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, and avoid the hassle of finding a good parking space. Have a happy commute to work!

Here’s some good news:

  • Candor’s partnership with Shuttl managed to reduce the carbon footprint by 2,341 tonnes of CO2 annually.
  • Approximately 3,37,745 people in our five campuses opted for Shuttl’s services.
  • Candor’s partnership with Quick Ride saved 2,56,107 kg of CO2 and we are aiming to save 256 tonnes of CO2 by March 2020 too.
  • Approximately 13,485 people per month were positively impacted from this initiative.

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