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Smart Parking

March 04, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Smart Parking

Candor TechSpace has tied up with Parkwheels to ease operations in the parking lots of its campuses across India and also help reduce traffic congestion in and near the premises.

Have you ever faced hassles in finding an empty parking spot for your bike or car? But, if you are working in any of Candor TechSpace’s campuses across India, there is now a solution for your parking woes, as Candor has ample parking space in its campuses and has also tied up with Parkwheels to digitise its vehicular access and parking system.

With the Parkwheels app, employees in Candor’s campuses can now check the availability of parking spots on their smartphones even when they are some distance away from the campus. This information enables them to plan their commute in advance and also saves their precious time (that they would otherwise use to find parking). Parkwheels also digitises the parking lots nearby, thus giving more parking options to users. Users can discover and book these parking spots and pay parking charges on the go through e-wallets linked to the app.

Candor’s campuses entry and exit gates

With the help of RFID technology, the entry and exit gates in Candor’s campuses now have automatic boom barriers with tag readers and magnetic loop detectors for added safety. This ensures that no unauthorised vehicle can enter the premises. There is a separate lane and barrier for two-wheelers. All tenant cars are provided RFID tags which are mapped to the slots allotted to the respective tenants and control access is enabled as per the parking slots allocated to them. Candor also has a building facility management team that uses a comprehensive dashboard to provide tenant-wise parking utilisation analytics. Unauthorised access is kept in check as the facility management team can enable and disable RFID tags from the access control panel. The visitor management system in place in the campuses helps capture visitor analytics and also ensures that visitors gain authorised access to the campus premises without any hassle.

And all of these initiatives have helped Candor bring in realtime visibility, analytics and seamless movement to its parking ecosystem. Here’s our big step against parking woes!

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