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Stellar additions

March 26, 2023   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Stellar additions InfoBeans CloudTech is the newest tenant at 45ICON, in Pune

One of Asia’s largest financial services groups and an Indian cloud consulting firm recently established a base at Brookfield Properties’ office campuses

We are excited to welcome Mirae Asset, the newest tenant at Equinox in Mumbai’s BKC. Mirae Asset is a financial services group headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Spanning 10 acres, Equinox is built utilizing biophilic design principles. Its spacious and green landscapes promote employee wellbeing while keeping collaboration in focus.

Team Mirae Asset at Equinox, in Mumbai

In Pune, our team from 45ICON welcomed InfoBeans CloudTech. InfoBeans CloudTech is a cloud consulting and outsourcing company providing a range of IT services to enterprises across the globe. It has a deep technology expertise with a decade-long track record of successful and seamless execution.

Located on main Baner Road, the campus offers excellent connectivity, best-in-class amenities, including gym, creche, and daycare services. At 45ICON, going to work never feels routine. The space facilitates creativity and collaboration.

Our strategically located campuses truly place tenants’ convenience at their heart, which is why they are home to several world renowned business groups.

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