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The secret to happy work life revealed

November 21, 2022   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

The secret to happy work life revealed

International life coach, advisor, and motivational strategist, Gaur Gopal Das upheld the core offerings of Brookfield Properties as great ways to keep today’s workforce motivated

The Covid-19 pandemic taught people to adjust to situations that they had never faced in their lives. While digital connections have become very important, there is also the need to stay connected with the spiritual self, to excel in all walks of life, including professional.

We, at Brookfield Properties, partnered with the Times Group to host an exclusive online session across our campuses, strengthening our leaders placemaking philosophy, which collectively reimagines and reinvents commercial spaces.

Online session with Gaur Gopal Das at Equinox, Mumbai

Motivational strategist Gaur Gopal Das highlighted the importance of businesses to find solutions, strategies and infrastructure that ensures employees well-being, happiness and optimum productivity, in a virtual discussion with 1,000 industry leaders, titled ‘Driving organizations with purpose and achieving successes.’

Discussed the need to keep up with the times and adapt with the changes in the outlook and aspirations of India’s blue-collar Inc. During the industrial revolution, people’s only goal was survival. They went to work, regardless of the conditions. During the IT revolution, people were seeking for a good standard of living and their work provided them that. Today, the workforce is looking for a sense of purpose and developers are moving towards creating an environment that gives them just what they need.

The goal here is to be more productive and motivated, by offering employees a better quality of life and creating and building a cohesive and inspiring work culture, an art that Brookfield Properties has mastered.

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