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Winning the Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award 2020

July 14, 2021   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Winning the Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award 2020

Ensuring occupational health and safety in our campuses has always been our priority. Being honoured for our efforts at the Golden Peacock Awards, which are regarded as a benchmark of corporate leadership and excellence worldwide, is a milestone for us.

We have been conferred with the globally acclaimed Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award (GPOHSA) 2020! It’s all because of our integrated approach and significant achievements in the field of occupational health and safety.

Let’s have a look at what all we are doing in this regard:


Ensuring your health and safety is a commitment for us. We even see health and safety policies as part of the way we run our business and to this end, have developed OH&S objectives that are also consistent with our OH&S policy. The objectives and policy have been developed keeping various parameters— legal compliance, hazards assessments, competency and continual improvement— in mind. There is a periodic review conducted to identify the opportunities for improvement and hurdles. We also review the key performance indicators and risk assessments from time to time to avoid any perilous condition at our sites. Our reporting system is so streamlined that even a near-miss reported, and later, learning is imparted to all employees.


We have done a training need analysis for each role which was later incorporated in the training need. All our staff, including the contractor and subcontractor staff, is trained on fire safety, first aid and how to use a fire extinguisher. We maintain an annual training tracker that is updated and reviewed every month. We have covered 100% of employees till March 20, 2020, and 72% of employees to date. After March 20, 2020, an online training tool has been incorporated into our training system. More than 90% of our supervisors and engineers are trained in plant safety. Approximately 100% of our contract workers are trained in industrial safety.


Here’s a list of a few of our emergency initiatives:

  • CCTV surveillance and monitoring system;
  • Dedicated wellness centre with a doctor;
  • 24/7 availability of ambulance for any medical urgency;
  • Integrated response and emergency team to address any situation;
  • 24-hour manned fire tender at the site for any fire emergency at onsite and offsite;
  • Spill management system at all the chemical stores; and
  • Pandemic response plan for Covid-19 and infectious diseases.

Here are our accident frequency statistics and work-related injuries and illnesses for the past two financial years:

  • Accident frequency 1.22 YTD since 2017; and
  • Accident-free operations 12,04,538 man-days since Jan 2017 YTD.


Smart Spider is the robotic facadecleaning machine invented by Baljit Singh, Senior VP – Operations, Brookfield Properties. It comes equipped with advanced, technology-driven features and cleaning gear. We have already deployed the Smart Spider in our campuses and are using it as a part of our product suite. Here is what it has helped us achieve:

  • Cleaning facades of high-rises, that too within a value-driven price range;
  • The machine is also capable of retrofitting existing cradle platforms and can be used in all weather;
  • The machine operates without human intervention, eliminating the safety risks to facade cleaners and pedestrians and ensuring the privacy of occupants;
  • Actual manpower hours – 66 hours;
  • Reduction of manpower hours – 45% from the actual;
  • Reduction in AMC cost – 30% of the actual AMC cost;
  • Chemical consumption – 5-10 % reduction in chemical consumption of the manual process; and
  • Timing – 12 days are required to clean a 55-metre building with one manual cradle (six hours in a day), however, the same process can be done in six days with Smart Spider with no human intervention.

At Brookfield Properties, we firmly believe that all work-related injuries are preventable. We work towards ensuring that our tenants, employees, partners and associates go home healthy and safe from our campuses. We are committed to managing our activities so as to avoid risks to the health and safety of our employees and community at large. Winning the Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award 2020 is a testament to our continuous and ongoing efforts.

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