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Our CSR initiatives

There was not even a single dry eye in the room. The air at the Gurukul was thick with melancholy and despair on that balmy October evening. Ravi Kalra, the founder of Earth Saviour Foundation was narrating heart-wrenching stories. Tales of desertion, of neglect and apathy, of the aged and destitute by the society and families of those staying at their facility.  The team of visitors from Candor TechSpace office along with the volunteers from the foundation, moved around the premise, meeting the inmates, hearing their stories and sharing a moment of compassion and joy with them.

The Earth Saviours Foundation houses over 400 elderly people and mentally challenged people at their Gurukul facility at the outskirts of Gurgaon. Abandoned by their families and forgotten by the society, these people found a home under the care of Mr. Kalra and the compassionate volunteers at The Earth Saviours Foundation’s Gurukul.

The Gurukul reception area has pictures of people rescued, unclaimed dead bodies cremated by the foundation, the religious ceremonies undertaken at the premises and occasional celebrations, all neatly displayed on the wall. One may see pictures of national leaders and religious deities on some walls too.

Post the visit to the facility and meeting the inmates, Ravi Kalra requested all the volunteers to join him and the Candor TechSpace team at the reception. It was a moment of great satisfaction and gratitude.

As part of ongoing support to The Earth Saviours Foundation under the aegis of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Candor TechSpace team presented the cheque of support to Mr. Kalra. Winters were approaching and he knew what this support meant to the quality of life for the inmates to live through the freezing winters.


This is just one example of Candor’s commitment to adding smiles to the lives.

As part of their robust CSR policy, Candor TechSpace aspires to create a better tomorrow and bring smiles to the faces of the lesser privileged. Candor TechSpace believes in enhancing welfare measures of the society based on long-term social impact initiatives.

The CSR activities are designed to reach out to communities ensuring long-term sustainable change in multiple impact areas and create a more equitable and inclusive society processes through processes.

Either by itself or through innovative partnerships with the Government, NGO’s and other organizations, Candor Entities are promoting quality education and healthcare for vulnerable sections of society and also undertake environmental & sustainability initiatives.

Besides supporting The Earth Saviours Foundation as part of social responsibility, the other focus areas of work at CSR at Candor Techspace are : 


Project ANALP, New Delhi


An innovative career readiness program for grade 11th/12th students for underserved communities in Delhi.

The major objectives :

  • Impact & empower 1000 learners from New Delhi
  • Mobilise more than 150 student leaders to become flag bearers of the program

Eklavya School, Hyderabad

To impact underprivileged children from colonies around Lenin Nagar (Badangpet) studying in the school

The major objectives:

  • Provide education to 171 underprivileged students.
  • Cultivate a holistic environment, guidance &  career counseling.

The Nudge Foundation-Gurukul, Bengaluru

Gurukul is a 100-day residential skill development program targeting youth from underprivileged communities.

The major objectives :

  • Impart skill development training to underprivileged youth and making them Life Ready.
  • Provide mentoring & support to make the students’ mindset & behavior ready, skill ready and employment ready.

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