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All About Sports and Play

August 09, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

All About Sports and Play

The Annual Sports Meet 2019 hosted by Candor TechSpace this year witnessed high participation from employees. Here’s how the event, with its exciting fitness-oriented activities, helped participants improve their health while having a fun time.

Participants posing for a group photo

At Candor TechSpace, we are always taking steps to ensure that the employees working across our campuses are healthy, happy and fit. Keeping this objective in mind, the latest chapter of the Annual Sports Meet was organised in the month of February this year. Hosted at our campuses across India, the ‘wellness carnival’ offered exciting activities for employees to participate in and have a fun time in a non-work environment. Most importantly, the event offered them the opportunity for community building and engagement, thereby staying true to Candor’s vision of ‘adding life to your days’.

Speaking about this initiative, Shantanu Chakraborty, VP, Brookfield Properties, said, “At Candor, we have always worked to create widespread awareness among employees about the need to cater to one’s health and well-being. This fun-filled and action-packed carnival will surely supplement the recent rise in fitness awareness to quite an extent. We further hope that more and more people will begin following a regular fitness routine from now on.”

The winners wearing their medals with pride

The carnival, which was spread over a period of two days at every campus, saw participation from more than 4,000 people. It was divided into two activity zones: Group Activities and Individual Activities. Under Group Activities, attendees could participate in box cricket, volleyball, kho-kho and team hurdle race. Under Individual Activities, people had the option to participate in box jumps, weightlifting with sandbags, agility ladder exercises, pull-up bar crunches, bike simulation games, vertical marathon, etc.

There were dance-based fitness activities or warm-up sessions, interactive fitness quizzes, basic fitness challenges and self-defence workshops, which were especially popular among martial art enthusiasts. For participants looking to showcase their gaming skills indoors, there were classic games such as carrom, chess, jigsaw puzzles and archery. Apart from the activity zones, the carnival hosted photo booths and refreshing beverage stalls (set up by Monster). Also on offer were healthy, delicious foods by Quaker.

The carnival became a roaring success as the attendees participated in all of the activities on offer with glee. It was a delight to watch the participants take time out from their busy work schedules and come together and have a gala time over games. The final layer of cheer and excitement was added to the event when the time arrived for awards distribution. The crowd gathered gave a good round of applause as medals, trophies and gifts were given to the winners and other worthy participants.

With its plethora of events scheduled for both the days, the Annual Sports Meet 2019 at Candor’s campuses ensured mental and physical activity—that was tinged with excitement and joy—among all participants. Here’s to organising more such initiatives that encourage and empower the employees across our campuses to work more towards improving their fitness, health and general well-being!

A fitness activity onstage
Participants having a great time at a Zumba session
A batsman hits back the ball during a cricket match
A team hurdle race in full swing
An exciting volleyball match
Participants concentrating to
make their next move in chess
Participants working to complete a life-size, zigzag puzzle
A nail-biting team hurdle race
May the mighty win this tug of war
A fine show of archery skills
Two carrom enthusiasts engrossed in play
Participants having a blast in a kho-kho game
The crowd at the bike simulation zone
An arm wrestling session in full swing

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