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Imagine an office campus with no security guards at the entrance or at the parking. Smart sensors, enabled by Artificial intelligence give you access to the building and parking, basis your real-time data and feedback update in a remote machine. The food vending machine knows your food habits, dietary requirement, and calorie count. The gym has your personalized training programs and there is a reminder on your desk for the next doctor’s appointment. And all of this, managed by intelligent machines at a remote location.

In the new digital economy, data is the new currency. The smart machines simulate data with intelligent behavior and form well-informed decision with minimum or sometimes, no human intervention in operations or update of data basis the real-time feedback mechanism. In organizations and workplaces, Artificial Intelligence shall play a big role as you would see below. All in Smart Buildings and campuses:

  • Sensor controlled traffic movement and parking
  • Substantially high standards of safety
  • Risk mitigation and damage control
  • Lower operational cost
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • User-friendly automation
  • Enhanced customer experience 
  • Higher revenues at the low-cost input 

AI in HR:

  • Assist with finding new jobs.
  • Onboarding of new employees.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Digitised HR procedures and processes
  • Globally enabled access to HR solutions. 
  • Unbiased job descriptions
  • Predictive analytic web-based video interviews.


  • Integration of artificial intelligence at the workspace.
  • Create cross-functional AI champions across HR, IT, Corp Comm., real estate and Digital Transition 
  • Implementation map for short-term &long term implementation of AI across functions.
  • Amendments in job profile and positioning at HR
  • Create an up-skilling map for existing employees.

Did you see how Artificial Intelligence will change the horizon of home, office spaces and ways of working Disruption is the mother of innovation. A paradigm change in a technologically advanced world, with changing job functions, product development, service delivery and office functioning is the future.

Therefore, organizations need to create a robust ecosystem, to embrace the disruption and anticipated changes once Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence become the way of conducting businesses.

Welcome to an enabled future, the one powered by the Internet of Things and supported by Artificial Intelligence and automation.


Based on Amazon ‘s cloud-based voice service Echo, the ALEXA  is Internet-enabled, voice-based, Bluetooth speaker with Artificial intelligence in home automation, home entertainment and shopping that can listen, comprehend, answer any question or command made to it.

Designed to interface with the human speech, Alexa is the largest tangled data source. Alexa has over 15,000 skills in voice-based apps, many of which were developed in last two years after Alexa was offered to outside developers by Amazon.

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