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Innovating For The Future

July 27, 2018   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Innovating For The Future

Achieving enterprise impact through digital transformation is challenging with so many disparate, disconnected technologies in the market, but Genpact has time and again adjusted its strategies in real time to achieve this. We explore how the company has fully integrated proprietary automation, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in a single platform called ‘Genpact Cora’ to deliver innovation to its customers.

Although pop culture fiction states that artificial intelligence (AI) is a faraway puzzle just waiting to be solved, the reality is that AI is already being used by most of us every day. Just think about it: every time you stop to ask virtual assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri for directions or help with translating words into foreign languages, you are interfacing with an elegant example of easy-to-use AI.

Many global businesses today are taking the help of chatbots to engage with their customers—the chatbots providing a handy way to triage customer needs and queries. Again, AI is already serving as an efficient solution to an everyday problem here. And while it is easy to imagine moments where our lives intersect with artificial intelligence, and even find examples of our interactions with AI within varied businesses, for several enterprises, the reality of large-scale AI is yet to unfold. Enter Genpact, a global professional services firm that is looking to achieve just that. And it is doing this by leveraging artificial intelligence at a potentially massive scale.

In this effort, the firm has unveiled Genpact Cora, an artificial intelligence-based platform that speeds up digital transformation for businesses. For many companies, a future where artificial intelligence can help solve challenges in a realistic manner, at a scale, has been a dream. But thanks to Genpact Cora, it can become a reality. Just think about it: in the same way that we use virtual assistants to make phone calls, play music, navigate a busy schedule, search the Internet, or find quick solutions to our everyday problems, there could be technology on the horizon that could help enterprises operate more smoothly, in more or less the same way.

A modular, interconnected network of flexible digital technologies, Genpact Cora hones specific operational business challenges and tackles them in a better way. In this way, it is helping large global companies reframe and solve their most pressing real-world business issues in a convenient manner. For instance, it is already delivering speed to value in the market today in many industries by allowing them to decipher data from equipment, reframe drug safety, make customer service seamless, increase new product speed to market, and drive faster, value-added financial reporting. It is also helping the companies to provide related offerings to industries from sectors such as consumer-packaged goods, industrial engineering, life sciences and high tech (advanced technological development, particularly in electronics). Additionally, Genpact Cora reduces risks around misapplied AI spinning out of control as well as errant robots through an integrated command-and-control hub that delivers the much-needed governance that company processes need.

However, there is a key difference between Genpact Cora and the helpful virtual assistant that we use: Cora is built on AI and other advanced technologies, which means that it can learn and prescribe the suitable actions that businesses need to take in order to improve their processes and position in the market. In other words, Genpact Cora is a modular, self-learning platform. The implications of this can be huge. For enterprises eager to bring AI into their fold, it is all about using it to meet goals and to bring out the value inherent in the technology itself.

There is still so much remaining to be discovered about AI, but Genpact is on the cutting edge of this endeavour, being the first to fully integrate automation, analytics, and AI engines in a single platform. Genpact Cora is embedded with and draws insights from the company’s deep domain expertise that comes from running intelligent operations and processes for Fortune 500 enterprises across different sectors. This has resulted in connected intelligence for its clients at a level of agility and speed—which had been previously unattainable—that then drives outcomes. Little wonder that artificial intelligence presents a significant growth opportunity for Genpact.

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