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April 18, 2018   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace


All in a day’s work

I looked at running hands on my watch and called for an Uber. There were butterflies in my stomach. The interview schedule for today at a leading international management consultancy was my dream since my MBA days. The Uber arrived and I rushed to drop little Tia to her crèche near my house before rushing to Gurugram from my Delhi home for the interview. It was easy to locate The Candor TechSpace campus in Gurugram. The polite security guard checked the car before directing it to the building where the office was located. The place looked agile with young, smiling faces walking around well-manicured lush gardens and streamlined paths by the internal road.

The office was spacious, located in a building with premium architecture. The entrance to the building was access controlled and it was reassuring to see installed CCTVs and uniformed security personnel around the campus.

The first round of the interview with the department head was a breeze and I had time until the next interview with the head of HR. I decide to explore this exquisite large campus with many office blocks that were not only a visual delight but also accentuated the feeling of bonhomie with the environment in me.

I was directed to the coffee shops and food courts by a helpful employee and I found youngsters in groups, sharing a bite to eat and conversing with their work friends. From the tinted glass of the well-lit coffee shop, I could see manicured gardens, covered walkways and walking spines gracing the campus.



All the detailing & customization done at REJUVE is keeping the employees and our patrons inherent need to manage the equilibrium between quality of life and productive work results. The agile campuses, with agile work methods, young and vibrant minds at work offering the perfect work-life balance one aspires to achieve in life. Rejuvenate. Relax. Reinvigorate folks. All in a day at your workplace.

I got talking to a group of youngsters who welcomed me to their table. They talked about the sheer delight of having their office located at a prime address in an urban city, with an easy access to the highways and metro train connectivity. They shared the joy to have shuttles available to ferry to and from the metro station to office and ease out travel worries. They shared about having the comfort of a bank and an ATM on Candor Techspace campuses, a convenience store to do the last minute grocery before rushing home, a young mother mentioned a creche’ on campus where she leaves her toddler into safe hands, at an arms’ distance from her office. Now, that had my attention.

On my way out of the food court, I visited the creche’ located adjacent to it and met the friendly staff there. It was reassuring to see a well-equipped ambulance at the campus in case of any exigency and an on-site medical centre. For the health conscious, I saw there were fitness zones with gyms to work out, rejuvenate, reinvigorate and reinforce their strengths.  It was lovely to see socializing avenues with dedicated recreational spaces at the campus.

The interview with the head of HR was a success. Besides getting to work for a dream company, I was pleased to be at a campus which seemed like an extended home away from home. Navigating through the demands of personal life and managing productivity at work, it would be a delight to have the office located on a campus that caters to fulfillthe work-life balance that every employee needs.

– As shared by a visitor to Candor TechSpace Campus

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