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Say Goodbye to Your Parking Woes

March 11, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Say Goodbye to Your Parking Woes

Nothing is as unnerving as turning up late to work because of an occupied parking spot. Fortunately, the automated parking management system, introduced at Sector 21, Gurugram campus of Candor TechSpace, has made parking in the premises as easy as a walk in the park.

In India, fast economic growth and migration to the cities have led to rapid urbanisation, putting pressure on metropolitan infrastructure. While the number of cars on the roads has expanded rapidly, the parking space that is available is inadequate because the space in cities has either remained the same or has reduced due to the population pressure.

Fortunately, the employees working at Sector 21, Gurugram campus of Candor TechSpace do not have to spend much time looking for a parking space for their vehicles thanks to the ample parking facility available within the premises. The campus, which has an area of 27.68 acres and comprises 10 towers with up to four basements, also has a separate visitors’ parking space that is available on a chargeable basis.

But while the adequate parking space within the campus is a boon for both employees and visitors, manually controlling the entry of only the authorised number of vehicles to the tenant parking zone was turning out to be a huge challenge for the campus operators. Keeping this in mind, Candor TechSpace has opted for an automated parking management system.


All tenants have been allotted a quota of parking slots for four-wheelers and two-wheelers on the surface or basement, and only this predefined number of vehicles (both personal and commercial) are allowed entry to tenant parking zones. There is an option for tenant four-wheelers to move to the visitor parking area if the authorised number of vehicles of that tenant has already entered the parking zone.

All personal four-wheelers have been granted access based on Radio- Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, while commercial four-wheelers and two-wheelers have been allowed access on the basis of proximity cards. The readers used for identifying these tags and cards are capable of working in the offline mode.

To avoid traffic, there are separate lanes for four-wheelers and two-wheelers. An automated LED display has been put up to show the number of parking slots that are occupied as well as those that are available. This helps tenants decide whether they have to go to tenant parking or visitor parking. All visitor vehicles need to manually collect a parking slip before entering the visitor parking zone. There is a free move-out period beyond which the progressive tariff rate applies.

Barriers have been installed at suitable locations in the campus for collection of visitor parking fee. There is a centralised dashboard for the estate operator and a dedicated dashboard for every client to manage the credentials of their own employees and their commercial vehicles.

There are also barriers at the exit of the tenant parking zones to maintain a real-time status of tenant vehicles in the parking zone. A mobile app log-in facility has been made available to every employee so as to help them know the real-time status of their company’s parking slots. Both a local server and cloud service are available. Till date, three barriers for two-wheelers and 13 barriers for four-wheelers have been installed.


The execution of this automated parking management system at the campus has increased tenant satisfaction to a considerable level while also improving the efficiency of the operations team. Tenants with personal vehicles are now able to avail of real-time information about the availability of parking in their allotted slots thanks to the mobile app. The electronic control has prevented the entry of unauthorised vehicles to the tenant parking zone.

Since a time limit has been set for free passage through the campus, the idle waiting time for vehicles entering the campus to drop passengers has reduced. Visitors now have ease of access to their parking zones and a convenient progressive tariff rate. What is more, the management information system (MIS) helps keep track of the cash collection thereby reducing shrinkages.


The adoption of the automated parking management system has gone a long way towards relieving the pressure and optimising the use of available parking spaces at Candor’s campus at Sector 21, Gurugram. Most importantly, it has significantly cut down the amount of time spent searching for parking spaces. Keeping in mind these benefits, Candor TechSpace plans to replicate the design of this parking management system across all of its other campuses.


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