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Supporting ‘IGBC Mission On Net Zero’

October 04, 2021   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Supporting ‘IGBC Mission On Net Zero’ Candor TechSpace, Kolkata

As part of our commitment to supporting a net-zero carbon economy, we are working towards achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emission status for the new and existing buildings across our campuses.

On the occasion of Earth Day this year, the Indian Green Building Council launched ‘IGBC Mission on Net Zero’. The aim is to facilitate India to become one of the foremost countries in transforming to net-zero greenhouse gas emission status by 2050.

Many leading organizations, including us, have become the signatories of the IGBC Mission on Net Zero, underscoring our long-standing commitment to driving the complementary goals of sustainability and value creation across our investments and operations.

Equinox, Mumbai

There are various sustainable initiatives that we have already undertaken across our campuses, with a focus on reducing waste, saving energy and managing resources. These include the installation of rooftop solar panels, sewage treatment plants, composting stations, rainwater harvesting pits, drip irrigation systems in green belts, air purification systems, LED lighting and EV charging stations. Further, we have partnered with shared mobility service providers to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to our initiatives, as our long-term focus on sustainability, we take the pledge to live, learn, build and teach sustainability to future generations and manage our investments to be consistent with the transition to a net-zero economy.

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