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Transforming Young Lives

February 26, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Transforming Young Lives Candor TechSpace in association with Mobile Creches is running day-care centres for children of workers

Candor TechSpace has joined hands with Mobile Creches to run day-care centres for children of workers and secondly, has partnered with People for Action to launch a digital education programme at a few government schools in Pataudi and Gurugram.

At Candor TechSpace, we are always considering avenues in which we can give back to society and engage in social change. Making a positive impact to children’s lives is one of the causes that the company has supported with dedication over the years.

Transforming Young Lives Let us take a closer look at two of the latest CSR initiatives that Candor has launched in association with partners for the betterment of underprivileged children.


India leave home with their families to fi nd work in rapidly expanding cities. To ensure that the children of these migrant workers are in a safe and protected environment while their parents are at work, Candor TechSpace has joined hands with Mobile Creches which runs day-care centres for children of workers earning their livelihood at construction sites of Delhi-NCR.

Equipped with teams that are trained in early childhood care and education, the centres follow a comprehensive day-care service programme that meets the emotional, physical, cognitive and social development needs of children aged up to 12 years. All aspects of childcare—health, nutrition (providing a special diet of egg and bananas), early learning and care—are taken care of here.

To further lend a hand to Mobile Creches’ vision of giving these children the chance to have a happy childhood, Candor decided to enlist the support of employees. Caption Required, Caption Required, Caption Required Employees were encouraged to support activities conducted jointly by Candor and Mobile Creches. The activities included workshops for wall-painting, mural-making, toy-making and storytelling, the celebration of special occasions (like 15th August, 26th January, World Nutrition Day, etc) with the day-care children as well as exposure visits for the children (in the form of educational tours, workshops, invitations to perform, etc).


At Candor TechSpace, we are completely attuned to the government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative. We believe that the quality of education in rural regions of India can be improved through digital classrooms. Students can use computers with active internet connections to learn new skills and more advanced versions of their current school lessons.

This is why Candor in partnership with People for Action has launched a digital programme under the name ‘From Blackboard to Digital Board – Bridging the Digital Divide’ at a few government schools in Pataudi and Gurugram.

As part of this initiative, three computer laboratories with 22 new computers have been set up at every school. Annual maintenance contracts and complete internet connections have been put into place. Qualifi ed teachers have been employed to ensure digital literacy among students. All this will go a long way towards creating a knowledgeable and empowered rural India through quality education.

In fact, thanks to this initiative, students are eagerly doing research work for their studies with the help of the Internet. Lessons have become more interesting with virtual experiences, videos and other exciting content that they cannot always get out of a textbook!

Candor TechSpace in partnership with People for Action has launched a digital learning programme at government schools

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