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Engineering Talent To Deliver Global Service Standards

June 04, 2021   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Engineering Talent To Deliver Global Service Standards

Jayaram S Govindaiah, Head – Group Real Estate, Danske IT – India

Danske IT delivers smart technological solutions that simplify and streamline operations, helping Danske Bank Group’s businesses become more agile and efficient. Jayaram S Govindaiah, Head – Group Real Estate, Danske IT – India, talks to us about the company’s journey and initiatives for customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

Danske Bank Group is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danske IT, based out of our Ecoworld campus in Bengaluru, supports technology solutions for Danske Bank Group to strengthen its vision of becoming the most trusted financial partner for individual, business and institutional customers.

Edited excerpts from the interview with Jayaram S Govindaiah, Head – Group Real Estate, Danske IT – India:

    1. IF YOU EVER CREATE AN INTRODUCTORY VIDEO ON DANSKE IT, HOW WILL IT DESCRIBE DANSKE IT AS A COMPANY? Danske IT is one of the leading IT companies in Bengaluru which comprises of a young and diverse force of employees. Our average employee age is 31 years and we provide state-of-theart working dynamics to empower them to be more collaborative and effective.


    1. HOW IS YOUR COMPANY PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF WHAT TECHNOLOGY CAN ACHIEVE IN BANKING AND FINANCE? We are the trendsetters in deploying technological infrastructure for achieving operational efficiency in our company. We have brought in more automation and robotics in our business verticals to achieve the same.


    1. WHAT, ACCORDING TO YOU, ARE SOME OF THE FACTORS SHAPING THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE? To create collaborative and agile spaces instead of workstations that motivates our employees while coming to the workplace. In addition, we have introduced healthy food options for our employees and promote healthy practices for wellness at home and also in the office.


    1. HOW HAS DANSKE IT ADAPTED ITSELF TO THE NEW NORMAL? WHAT ARE YOUR COMPANY’S LATEST INITIATIVES FOR YOUR WORKPLACES AND EMPLOYEES? We are the first company to follow government guidelines to adapt ourselves to the COVID-19 situation. We spent around Rs. 40 crores to redo the floor to keep ourselves compliant with post-COVID-19 guidelines.


  1. DANSKE IT HAS AN OFFICE AT ECOWORLD, BENGALURU. HOW HAS YOUR WORKSPACE PARTNER BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES HELPED YOUR COMPANY IN ACCELERATING EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND MAINTAINING A HEALTHY OFFICE ENVIRONMENT? Brookfield Properties so far has been the best partner in our journey for the last 12 months. We consider them our strategic business partner when it comes to managing office buildings. The organization is proactive and has set a high benchmark in employee health and wellness.


  • The son of a primary school teacher, his ambition and passion led him to become a real estate professional.
  • Interested in sports and likes to go on hiking trips and participate in corporate walkathons.
  • During his college days, he worked as a part-time typist to earn money for fuel and leisure.
  • Master of Business Administration in Operations from Delhi University and Chartered Member (MRICS) from Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Completed five years in Danske IT and has led over 2 lakh sq. ft. infrastructure projects during his tenure at Danske IT.


  • Things he loves the most about work: The quality of work, the ambience and the food court at Ecoworld.
  • Favorite antidotes to reboot himself: Yoga, meditation, networking and socializing with the right people.
  • Best books read by him this year: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Kaizen, which talks about workplace analytics.
  • Recent innovations at work: Introduced a new and more flexible way of working called ‘Better Ways of Working’, wherein an employee gets three more options to work from, like a gym, golf course, etc.
  • Go-to amenity during a hectic workday at Ecoworld: Active.

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