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Hassle-free Deliveries with Smartbox

August 11, 2018   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Hassle-free Deliveries with Smartbox

Candor TechSpace has now made it easier for the occupiers and their employees of its campuses to receive deliveries of any purchases that they make online. It has partnered with Smartbox, a unique automated delivery service platform.

E-commerce has transformed the way we shop, and by extension, the way we live. But picture this: you have ordered the latest smartphone from an e-commerce portal. But you miss the delivery because it came home when you were in the office and nobody was home, or it showed up at your office over the weekend. If you love to shop online, we bet that you would have faced this situation at one time or the other. To reduce the hassle of missed deliveries,
Candor TechSpace has partnered with Smartbox, a start-up that takes care of automated parcel delivery terminals across India. This move is already enabling the occupiers and their employees in every Candor TechSpace campus to receive deliveries of their online orders through Smartbox delivery terminals that are located at strategic points within the premises.

The Basics of Smartbox

Simply put, Smartbox is a smart locker which can hold a user’s deliveries until they can pick it up. Even if a package is delivered over the weekend, a user can always pick it up during lunch break in the coming week. Smartbox is an automated delivery service platform. When a user makes a purchase on the app or website of any of the the existing online partners of Smartbox, he or she is given an additional delivery option of ‘Smartbox’ based on their location. Upon selecting ‘Smartbox’ as a shipping address, their purchase is delivered to a Smartbox digital locker which is located nearest to their location, which in this case, would be a location within a Candor TechSpace campus.

How to Use Smartbox?

To avail the Smartbox delivery service for online purchases, the employees working with occupiers based in the campuses of Candor TechSpace need to choose a Smartbox delivery terminal within the campus at the time of check-out. Once the delivery person drops off the package at the chosen Smartbox terminal, the Smartbox team will send a message to the employee’s mobile number mentioning a unique OTP which can be used to collect the parcel. Employees can pick up their pre-paid orders once they enter the OTP at the Smartbox terminal. However, in case of a cash-on-delivery order, the employee will get the option to swipe their credit or debit card, or pay using a United Payments Interface (UPI) app directly at the terminal.

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