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When You Laughed out Your Heart with Us

July 08, 2021   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

When You Laughed out Your Heart with Us

Laughter is good for your heart and what better way to celebrate World Heart Day than laughing out loud while watching a live stand-up comedy act. We invited stand-up comedian Jaspreet Singh who left everyone in splits with his wisecracks.

Regular #workout strengthens the heart muscles and reduces the risk of #cardiovascular diseases. Indulging in field games is the best form of exercise. #UseHeart to add life to your days.

To tickle your funny bone on the occasion of World Heart Day 2020, we organised a live stand-up comedy act by Jaspreet Singh. He has done over 700 shows across nine countries and even has a YouTube channel with lakhs of subscribers.

This was as part of ‘Positive Pulse’, the wellness initiative that we had launched in 2020 to engage with our tenants, partners and employees virtually and keep them physically and mentally upbeat.

It turned out to be a fun-filled event as Jaspreet Singh left the audience in splits with his witty one-liners and amusing expressions. Even his most mundane jokes from daily-life situations evoked a laugh from everyone. And when people laugh, wonderful things happen, including reduced stress, improved optimism as well as an opportunity to relax.

The stand-up comedy act saw everyone using their heart to unwind with humour. To further show people how they can add life to their days simply by using their heart, we had run an integrated communication aligned to the theme of #UseHeart, along with a live contest online.

Laughter therapy is the best therapy. While the stand-up comedy show organised by us may be over, every day can be a World Heart Day if you laugh off your worries and stress!

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