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It’s Time for a Health Check-Up

August 20, 2018   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

It’s Time for a Health Check-Up

When it comes to maintaining health, nothing is more important than going regularly for health check-ups to make sure that your body is operating well. To spread this message, Candor TechSpace, in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals, conducted preventive health check-ups in four of its campuses in January 2018.

They say that health is the foundation to one’s happiness and productivity. If you do not have a healthy body and mind, you may find it difficult to work at peak capacity. Unfortunately, their hectic jobs today have left many professionals with little control over their own lives or schedules. The lack of work-life balance has forced them to ignore their health and basic preventive measures, and give less priority to health check-ups. It has also made them susceptible to more stress, poor mental and physical health, and deteriorating sleep patterns. Candor TechSpace functions with the philosophy of adding life to the day-to-day existence of its occupiers and their employees across all of its campuses. Helping them focus on health as a key value is an extension of this philosophy, and with the aim of achieving this goal, Candor, in association with Apollo Hospitals, organised health check-up camps in four of its campuses. Countless occupants of the campuses benefited from this initiative. 

The camps were conducted in January 2018 at Candor’s campuses in Sectors 62 and 135 in Noida, and Sectors 48 and 21 in Gurugram. The objective of this initiative was to provide preventive health check-ups, in addition to health and diet consultation with a doctor present at the location. The camps offered body mass index (BMI) check-up, blood pressure monitor, random blood sugar test, and electrocardiogram (ECG) test (that measures the heart’s electrical activity). A team of doctors present at every venue addressed the specific medical problems of the people coming in for check-ups, and spoke about how to prevent common diseases.

The initiative was highly appreciated by the occupants and their employees across the campuses of Candor TechSpace. We hope that these health camps have sensitised them about the importance of being healthy, and also motivated them to take care of their health.

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