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Making Your Life Simpler, Easier And Better

August 05, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Concierge Services - Candor TechSpace

To help employees achieve better work-life balance, Candor TechSpace has introduced concierge services at its campuses in Sector 21, Gurugram and Sector 135, Noida.

When you hear the word ‘concierge’, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is white-gloved butlers and valets servicing wealthy clientele at five-star hotels and restaurants. But if you are an employee working at Candor’s campuses in Sector 21, Gurugram or Sector 135, Noida, you don’t have to visit these places to avail of such white-glove treatment. You can get the complete lifestyle management experience right in the campus premises, for Candor has recently tied up with two leading concierge service providers for your benefit.

Candor TechSpace Concierge Services Offered by SuperSeva (at Sector 21, Gurugram campus) and THG Lifestyle Services (at Sector 135, Noida campus), these concierge services focus on making your life simpler, easier and better by assisting you, on a personal level, with many different chores. These include bill payments, cheque deposits, courier and delivery, key duplication, laundry work, legal services, party planning and catering, passport jobs, stamp paper work, ticket bookings and cancellation, and vacation planning. These tasks take up a lot of your time and effort—by entrusting them to a concierge, you will save both.

What is more, handing over some of your personal chores to a concierge can help you find relaxation, peace of mind and time to focus on your job and other things that matter the most to you, such as spending quality time with loved ones. The concierge managers in both our campuses are professionals trained to provide you ease, convenience and comfort.

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