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A look back extraordinary 2023

February 07, 2024   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

A look back extraordinary 2023 At Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida, 36% of electricity comes from renewable sources

We celebrate the milestones that made the year special for us

The year witnessed substantial growth, sustainability milestones and unforgettable moments that cemented our place as a leader in shaping the future of workspaces. Let’s revisit the highlights that made 2023 truly extraordinary for Brookfield Properties.

Ecoworld, Bengaluru, is India’s first net zero waste campus

Brookfield India Real Estate Trust doubled in size, propelling us to the top of the commercial office space ladder. Powerhouse partnerships, like the one with GIC, landed coveted assets like Downtown Powai and Candor TechSpace, Sector 48, Gurugram, adding $1.4 billion to our portfolio. But we didn’t stop there. A hand-in-hand venture with K Raheja Corp in Hyderabad’s HITEC City pushed our footprint to 55 million square feet across nine key markets. It was a year of expansion and of unwavering commitment to building brighter workspaces, one square foot at a time.

Downtown Powai was acquired by Brookfield India Real Estate Trust in partnership with GIC

2023 was also about building a greener future. A remarkable 26% of our electricity now hums with the power of renewable sources, with Candor TechSpace, Sector 62, Noida and Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida leading the charge at a jaw-dropping 36%. The accolades rolled in too, with Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and the British Safety Council recognizing our dedication to sustainability and safety. But we didn’t rest on our laurels. Earth Forward: ESG Dialogues brought thought leaders together to brainstorm for a better world, while publications like “The Green Cover Book” and “Biodiversity Report-India 2023” showcased our dedication to nurturing vibrant ecosystems within our campuses. Sustainability wasn’t just a goal—it was woven into the very fabric of every project.

Seamlessly blending nature and architecture, Ecoworld is one of Bengaluru’s most inspiring office parks

We didn’t just build spaces; we built experiences. History was made with our firstever India Pride March, organized within our own walls. Five cities pulsated with the colors of acceptance and inclusion, as over 1500 participants stood strong against prejudice. From the electrifying energy of Qriosity, India’s largest corporate quizzing event, to the community spirit fostered by countless employee initiatives, 2023 was a year of forging connections and creating memories that would echo long after the confetti settled.

In 2024, the sky is the limit. The demand for Grade A offices is soaring, fueled by returning employees and India’s rise as a global business hub. The progressive SEZ reforms promise higher occupancies and a diverse tenant base, opening doors to exciting possibilities. We stand poised like a well-fueled rocket, ready to propel ourselves and our partners to even greater heights. This is our time, this is our moment, and together we’ll make 2024 a year etched in the annals of Brookfield history.

So, let’s raise a toast to soaring achievements, bold ambitions, and the unwavering spirit that defines our journey. Here’s to all the dazzling possibilities that lie ahead!

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