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The splendor of Indian festivals

January 08, 2024   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

The splendor of Indian festivals

Our campuses celebrated the country’s significant cultural traditions, from Diwali to Christmas, in dazzling style

We create places where people and communities truly want to be and deliver experiences that are exciting, inspiring and extraordinary.

In October, Diwali celebrations lit up 12 of our campuses across seven cities in India. The lantern theme in the décor symbolized the essence of the festival: the victory of good over evil. To make the experience memorable for tenants, we organized a range of activities—dance and music performances, lantern- and diya (small oil lamp)-making, a flea market and more. The celebrations concluded on a high note with a special performance by We Are One, a group of multi-talented dancers with disability. More than 25000 people participated in our Diwali celebrations.

In the same month, we also celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. We held Mahalya Mahotsav at Candor TechSpace, Newtown, Kolkata. Mahalya marks the beginning of the auspicious 10-day-long Durga Puja. It connotes the arrival of Goddess Durga to earth from Kailasa, her heavenly abode. The event was a vibrant blend of entertainment and tradition, delighting tenants with dance performances, a conch-blowing contest and folk music from the local band Dohar.

In December, stunning décor transformed six of our campuses into a ‘Christmas Wonderland’, a magical snowy landscape characterized by glistening lights, intricate snowflakes and hanging icicles. Elements such as greenery and the festive characters snowmen and reindeer enhanced the ‘winter holiday atmosphere’. The series of activities we organized—including music and dance performances, sledge rides and exciting games—brought joy to our tenants. From Santa parades to carol singing—the Christmas spirit was on full display at our properties.

The celebration of Indian cultural festivals holds great significance at Brookfield Properties. It serves as an embodiment of the country’s inclusive ethos. It is also a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community among its employees and tenants.

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