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Gurugram’s new lifestyle marvel

February 08, 2024   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Gurugram’s new lifestyle marvel The mixed-use development envisions 'happy, healthy buildings'

With its sophisticated architecture, ultra-modern office space and posh restaurants, Worldmark Gurugram is a vibrant hub of commerce where work and leisure blend seamlessly

Spread over seven acres, Worldmark Gurugram, in Sector 65, ingeniously integrates state-of-the-art office space with retail, F&B and multiplex experiences. This mixed-use development envisions ‘happy, healthy buildings’ where technology and nature come together to create a sustainable and vibrant environment for work and leisure.

The focal point of the property is the central court with a stunning water body


The property is well-connected to the Indira Gandhi International Airport and National Highway 48. Developed right next to the prestigious Golf Course Road, the city’s most coveted locality, it provides access to renowned schools, hospitals and recreational facilities. Worldmark Gurugram’s prime location provides an edge for businesses seeking to thrive in a competitive economy. Its tenants include Nissan Motor India, Yum restaurants and Philips.

The bustling food hub includes posh cafes and restaurants


With the use of steel, glass and exposed concrete, the architecture looks sophisticated. The focal point is the central court with a stunning water body; everything else is designed around it. The office space is housed in three multi-storied towers. It’s built using double glass, allowing in ample natural light and keeping out the heat and noise. Each building overlooks the central court on one side and the city’s skyline on the other. Boasting more than 4000 sq. m. of greenery, including verdant terraces, the landscape provides a breather from work. An evening stroll here can recharge the mind. Other notable features include programmed fountains, breakout balconies and a glass elevator overlooking the central court.

The office space is housed in three multi-storied towers


Worldmark Gurugram offers more than 2 lakh sq. ft. of retail space, around the water body. It houses brands such as Croma, Modern Bazaar and Crossword and a bustling food hub, with posh cafes, breweries and restaurants. Linear planning ensures high visibility for the outlets from either the central court or main road.

Work, shopping and leisure blend seamlessly at Worldmark Gurugram. After the office day ends, a world of indulgences awaits—tenants can grab a quick bite at a food truck, undo those knots at the spa, partake in a delectable five-course dinner or catch a live performance at the central court. Immersive public plazas, open decks around the central court and a pull down screen for special activities create a lively atmosphere.

Sustainability is woven into the property’s blueprint


Sustainability is woven into the property’s blueprint. From vertical gardens that purify the air and solar panels that generate energy to a sewage treatment plan and rainwater harvesting pits, a range of measures ensures the carbon footprint is kept small.

At the heart of Worldmark Gurugram’s design ethos is dedication to creating a space that not only enchants the eye but also enhances the quality of life of its tenants and visitors. Experience work, shopping and partying all at one place—what more can one ask for?

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