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Bringing nature back to life

February 07, 2024   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Bringing nature back to life Our employee-volunteers planted saplings in the pond area and painted the pathways

A collaborative effort between Brookfield Properties and Gurujal has transformed a nonfunctional waterbody into a beautiful oasis

Last year, we partnered with Abhipsa Foundation to support a pond revival project in the Border Security Force (BSF) campus in Bhondsi, Gurugram. The pond was facing sewage logging issues, which was leading to mosquito-borne diseases and adversely affecting the water supply for our soldiers. As a part of the project, a waste water treatment plant that cleans 50 kilo liter daily was installed. Our joint efforts not only resolved the sewage issues, but also contributed to groundwater recharge and ushered in a flourishing ecosystem, marked by an increase in the bird and butterfly species.

In December 2023, we officially inaugurated the revived pond. The event was graced by Nitin Gupta, Commandant Office, BSF, Baljit Singh, EVP Operations, Brookfield Properties, and Ashish Dev Kapur, Vice Chairman, Abhipsa Foundation. Our employee-volunteers painted the pathways and planted saplings in the area. The ‘refurbished’ pond is a great case study in environmental rejuvenation.

The pond project is a part of Abhipsa Foundation’s Gurujal initiative, which rejuvenates and rehabilitates ponds with the aim of enhancing groundwater levels. Around 60% of villages in Haryana are classified as ‘groundwater stressed’, adversely affecting the lives of 20 million people. Tackling this issue, Gurujal has revived more than 20 lakes in the Gurugram district.

For us sustainability means doing the right thing—for the environment, for local economies and for our communities. We are thus proud to be collaborating with organizations such as Gurujal, which are championing the cause of sustainable water management.

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