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A Christmas Tree with a Cause

August 07, 2019   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

A Christmas Tree with a Cause

Last festive season, amidst the many traditional Christmas trees put up at Candor’s campus in Sector 21, Gurugram was a special tree designed to create awareness on road safety.

Christmas is a time best spent safely with loved ones, which is why you will often find people travelling long distances to visit family and friends in this season. As the roads are busier during this time, it is all the more important for people to stay focused on driving safely in order to ensure their safe arrival and return home.

To encourage drivers to be more careful on the road, Candor’s campus at Sector 21, Gurugram hosted a special Christmas tree designed on the theme of road safety. The tree was decorated with a traffic light cut-out, helmets, ‘don’t drink and drive’ messages and signage of wearing a seat belt.

It was kept on display till 2nd January 2019, in the company of the other (traditionally-themed) Christmas trees in the campus.

The Christmas tree with a road safety theme

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