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Blooming biodiversity

October 11, 2023   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Blooming  biodiversity

Released recently, The Green Cover is a fascinating guide to plants inside our properties. We also published the Biodiversity Report-India 2023

At Brookfield Properties, addressing the challenges of climate change is a key objective. We have seamlessly incorporated biodiversity into our architectural designs, dedicating 30% of space within each of our properties to lush greenery. Indigenous trees, water elements and seasonal flora flourish inside our campuses.

Furthering our commitment to a more sustainable future, we present The Green Cover — a comprehensive compendium detailing the diverse plant life thriving across our properties in India. This resource encompasses a range of topics, from sunlight requirements and soil moisture needs to the plants’ medicinal properties and blooming patterns. Each entry provides extensive insights into the plant’s origins, botanical family, coloration, and seasonal transformations, complemented by vivid imagery. This compendium holds significant value within the realm of horticultural literature.

(From left) Shailesh Haribhakti, Independent Director, Brookfield India Real Estate Trust, and Alok Aggarwal, MD and CEO, Brookfield Properties India



(From left) Munish Mathur, Senior Vice President & Regional Head – North, Nisha Vijarania, Assistant Vice President – Marketing & Branding, and Rajnish Kumar, Independent Director, Brookfield India Real Estate Trust

Our dedication to sustainability is further demonstrated through the recently released Biodiversity Report-India 2023. This report gives stakeholders a window into our strategic approach to enriching biodiversity within our properties and curbing CO2 emissions. The action plan outlined within includes the incorporation of water features to bolster animal habitats, expanding canopy coverage, and constructing pergolas and green tunnels. The report also provides Urban Heat Island maps and the amount of carbon sequestered by trees at each of our properties.

Both of these valuable resources are accessible online, reflecting our values of transparency and knowledge-sharing. We invite you to engage with these documents and join us in our journey towards a greener future.

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