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Carpooling To Make Your Life Easier

March 09, 2020   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Carpooling To Make Your Life Easier

Candor TechSpace has partnered up with Quick Ride, one of India’s leading ride-sharing platforms. The objective is not just to enable employees to save money through carpooling but also to cut down on-road traffic congestion and mitigate air pollution.

Carpooling (or carsharing) offers various benefits such as cutting commute costs, reducing congestion on the roads and air pollution and alleviating the stress of driving. Keeping this in mind, Candor TechSpace has tied up with Quick Ride, India’s leading car and bike pooling application, to offer hyper-local carpooling services to the employees working in its campuses in Gurugram, Noida and Kolkata. The flag-off ceremony for the first ride in association with Quick Ride was organised at Candor’s campus in Sector 48, Gurugram.

Flag -off Ceremony -Candor TechSpace This partnership with Quick Ride will enable approximately 1,00,000 employees across Candor’s campuses—majority of whom use private vehicles or taxis for their daily commute—to share vehicles with their colleagues or hitch a ride to work every day. By using Quick Ride, employees will also get the opportunity to interact in a non-work environment on their way to and from office, thus strengthening their relations with each other and improving the overall work culture. Moreover, it will reduce on-road traffic congestion and the commuting costs for employees, while also reducing carbon footprint—thus cutting on air pollution levels.

Speaking about this new initiative, Shantanu Chakraborty, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Properties, says, “At Candor TechSpace, we have been working constantly towards promoting shared mobility across our campuses through several initiatives including our collaboration with bus aggregator Shuttl. This strategic tie-up with Quick Ride will encourage professionals at our campuses to adopt carpooling as an everyday practice. It will highlight our commitment of providing them with a safe and healthy work environment both inside and outside their offices as well as promote pollution-free commute.”

KNM Rao, Co-founder & CEO, Quick Ride, says, “We are pleased to collaborate with Candor TechSpace to further our mission of reducing the number of on-road vehicles in India by 1 million by 2020. This partnership will ensure convenient and cost-effective commute for employees, while also enabling more efficient utilisation of the parking space at Candor’s campuses. Moreover, it will help car owners offering the rides to save up to Rs. 12,000 per month.”

For many professionals, commuting to the workplace has become a challenge, especially considering the traffic in peak hours. Candor’s tie-up with Quick Ride is a big step towards enabling the employees across its campuses to travel to and from work without any hassle. In the process, they will be reducing air pollution too. So, if you have not used Quick Ride yet, do it today and enjoy the benefits!

Flag -off Ceremony -Candor with Quick Ride Quick Ride - Candor TechSpace

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