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Cricket fervor at our campuses

October 27, 2023   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Cricket fervor at our campuses The Cricket Mania 2023 contest had participants making predictions to win smartphones and bikes

At the live IPL screenings held at our office parks in seven cities, the atmosphere was electric

At our office parks, going to work never feels routine. A work day at our campuses frequently has some pleasant surprises to offer. Many months ago, for instance, we had held movie screenings at a couple of our properties. In June-August, we decided to take things up a notch with the live screening of Indian Premier League (IPL) matches across our properties in India.

Four matches were screened at 10 campuses in seven cities. Thousands of tenants came out to enjoy the contests on large LED screens. It was a great opportunity for them to unwind themselves and also collectively cheer for their favourite team. The screening venues crackled with the fervor that only cricket can inspire in India.

Adding to the excitement was the Cricket Mania 2023 contest, where participants could make predictions online and win goodies. A total of 55 smartphones and four Royal Enfield bikes (bumper prizes) were awarded to the winners from across India. The contest delighted our tenants. We have many more engaging events in store for you this year, and also lots more prizes to give away.

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