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Strength through diversity

October 11, 2023   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

Strength through diversity At Candor TechSpace, Sector 21, Gurugram

Brookfield Properties’ Pride March, held in five cities in June, challenged prejudices. Here’s a look at how our recent initiatives are helping us build a more equitable society

Strength through diversity’ is one of the key tenets at Brookfield Properties. Our culture is defined by collaboration and equal representation at all levels.

This year, we held our first annual Pride March, to celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community. With over 2300+ registrations, 1500+ participants across five cities walking along, it was a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and equality in their beautiful forms. We painted the campuses with the vibrant colors of pride, accompanied by the tunes of the jukebox and the uplifting beats of the brass band. The march challenged prejudices, and served as a reminder that every person deserves respect, dignity and equal treatment. 

To ensure the event generates a long-term societal change, we announced an innovative initiative in collaboration with the Pride Circle Foundation: PrideED aims to provide opportunities to students to work on projects that promote LGBTQIA+ inclusion in society. The fellowship program has already attracted talented students, and we plan to make significant investments to support their efforts.

The Pride March served as a reminder that every person deserves respect and dignity
The Pride March in Mumbai

We believe that creating an inclusive and supportive culture is essential, not just within our campuses but also in society at large. This initiative represents our commitment to fostering an environment where all can truly thrive, with equal respect and opportunities at their workplace.

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