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The sustainability transition

June 18, 2023   \\\   Posted By CandorTechSpace

The sustainability transition Brookfield Properties has introduced electric luxury buses at its Downtown Powai and Equinox campuses, in Mumbai

Electric buses: a significant step towards carbon neutrality

Brookfield Properties has teamed up with BEST Chalo, India’s leading bus technology company, to accelerate the “Green Transition” by introducing 100% zero-emission electric luxury buses at its Downtown Powai and Equinox campuses in Mumbai. This eco-friendly initiative marks a significant step towards carbon neutrality, which is part of Brookfield Properties’ long-term goal to achieve Net Zero by 2040 or earlier.

With exclusive features like plush seating, live tracking, USB charging ports, and online booking/ rescheduling, these buses are expected to provide a healthier and smarter alternative to private vehicles, reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

In addition to strengthening the brand’s commitment to its environmental, social and governance principles, this endeavor also establishes a new industry standard by offering sustainable and easily accessible last-mile connectivity for both occupants and commuters in the surrounding region.

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